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To create this unit we’ve used Pinewood wood and it took us a total of 288 hours. The assembling was done at the customer’s household itself.  

Although quite popular in the West, bunk beds aren’t easy to find in Sri Lanka. So we were really excited to deliver when a father came to us with this project as a gift for his son. 

The average bunk bed consists of 2 beds stacked up on top of each other, connected by a step ladder. Seeing as this was a gift for a son who wouldn’t be sharing this bed permanently with a sibling, we decided to spice things up and make this a multi-purpose bunk bed unit.

You can climb the steps to the bed and each step has an in-built drawer-great for storing toys, board games, books, shoes, etc! Instead of climbing down, your child gets to enjoy a quick boost of excitement by literally sliding out of bed every morning! 


The bottom portion of this bunk bed has been set up with a study nook. There’s space for your child to keep some toys, maybe some stationary or books and there’s a table with two seats on either end which makes it perfect for group study sessions and playtime when friends and cousins come over! If you’re having a sleepover though, the best part is that this table can be easily converted with a simple maneuver to a second bed big enough to sleep two kids, not just one!

This kind of multi-functional bunk bed is the gift you know every kid is definitely going to enjoy!

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